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XBRL and credit ratings

XBRL and Credit Ratings View more presentations from catelong. This is a short presentation that I gave at the W3C and XBRL conference at the FDIC… it is very general because I gave it to a mixed audience of technologists and regulators. I’ll be putting up a concept piece done to create semantic mapping for […]

Workshop on Improving Access to Financial Data on the Web

I’m attending and presenting at the: Workshop on Improving Access to Financial Data on the Web 5-6 October 2009 Co-organized by W3C and XBRL International, Inc, and hosted by FDIC, Arlington, Virginia USA See more here…

You want transparency? Tag it…

XBRL for Dummies One of the easist ways to create transparency in financial markets is to break documents or processes into pieces and tag them… this is the approach that FIX, the standard for electronic trading of securities takes and  XBRL does for financial reporting… Some have suggested this approach for asset backed securities… the […]

XBRL Markup For Financial Reports Could Rebuild Public Trust

Reblog from Silicon Valley Watcher…   ~~~~ ” By Tom Foremski – May 13, 2009 [Earlier today I met with Diane Mueller (pictured at left) who has spent nearly ten years helping to develop the extensible business reporting language (XBRL) standard for financial reporting, which the SEC mandates that public companies must use from June […]

Defining Risk Calculations Through a Risk XBRL Taxonomy

 Standardize risk and make it transparent… yes that is the path to stability… or we can always add a few more trillion dollars to the financial system… FRSGlobal are very smart guys… they have the answer here… it’s XBRL for risk reporting and security identifiers…

Scheme a week

The troubles in the financial system are big and complex… as the various public and private parties take their star turn you see a certain frisson pass over their eyes as they are increasingly emboldened to state that “Yes… this will require a trillion dollars of taxpayers funds at least…”. As this or that politician […]

Toxic transparency

Paul Wilkenson writes, in a letter to the WSJ, about tagging mortgage securities with XBRL to make reporting and trading easier and more accurate… ~~~~ “Let’s Use Technology to Help Value Toxic Assets Perhaps the market would have preferred Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s plan announced Feb. 10 if it incorporated insight from Gordon Crovitz’s “Time to Reinvent […]

Sunlight for locked markets?

Paul Wilkenson wrote one of the best posts I’ve read recently… see here… ~~~~Who Will Sponsor Transparency for Troubled Assets? February 3, 2009 by Paul   The previously blogged ideas — broadening the SEC’s XBRL requirement and using an industry standard computer language to create a more efficient 21st century version of the RTC — […]

Hitachi XBRL

Excellent post about the recent SEC approval of XBRL at the Hitachi XBRL Business Unit blog… Written by Bob Schneider     Posted on December 24, 2008 “I think this decision today is much bigger than most people realise” wrote John Turner on CoreFiling’s Insight blog.  Many reveled with Gary Purnhagen (“We will all be better for […]

Open engines –

Since 1934, the SEC has required disclosure in forms and documents. In 1984, EDGAR began collecting electronic documents to help investors get information. The SEC’s new system, IDEA, requires data disclosure – the next step to improve how investors find and use information. You can search information collected by the SEC several ways: Interactive Data […]