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Recurrent bank fraud

Paul Solman of PBS talks to Bill Black, a former bank regulator, about recurrent bank fraud… the still unanswered question is why has no one been prosecuted for financial crimes… I believe this question will increase in importance… Americans have suffered too much and borne too high a price in this crisis… people caused the […]

Financial, economic and political linkages

The struggles that Greece is facing  to reform it’s fiscal situation are ones that Portugal, Italy, the UK, California, Illinois, New Jersey and others  will face… substantial debt loads with diminishing revenue sources and large social commitments… we’ll see this story be replayed over and over… and that doesn’t even take into account the potential nuclear […]

Populism VI

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Elizabeth Warren Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis Elizabeth Warren, chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel, explains the kabuki going on in the Senate over financial reform to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show … she says write your […]

Unraveling the profit puzzle at Goldman Sachs II

The bits and pieces are being assembled into a mosaic which is revealing the true enablers of the global credit crisis… And it’s the trading houses like Goldman Sachs who created financial products, sold them off and then bet against the products they originally created… and often these bits of wizardry were designed to live off […]

Political economy collides with capitalism…

Professor Joseph Stiglitz and Spanish Ambassador to the UK Carles Casajuana argue with a Hugh Hendry (of Electica Asset Management) who is betting on the Euro currency falling and failing.  Recorded from Newsnight, 09 February 2010. (HT 0/Hedge) From Project Syndicate: ~~~ “… We have compared the performance of the best-performing and worst-performing euro-zone countries between […]

witness the Romans, who had a constant succession of triumphs while they managed their Government on a certain plan

“It is not chance that rules the world, witness the Romans, who had a constant succession of triumphs while they managed their Government on a certain plan, and an uninterrupted series of reverses when it was conducted on another. There are general causes, either moral or physical, at work in every monarchy, exalting, maintaining or overcoming […]