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Summary of amendments to the March Dodd draft

US Senate Financial Reform Managers Amendment Summary, March 23, 2010 View more documents from catelong.

exceptions in the $2.67 trillion municipal bond market by requiring more transparency in public debt sales

My favorite muni czar, Joe Mysak at Bloomberg, tiptoes into the uninformed, possibly corrupt activities of our nation’s municipal “leaders”… it’s a tale of favorites and insider dealings… he tells the tale of Palm Beach, Florida… but he could copy the story from state to state… no boundaries on this one… The core of the […]

$$$$$ >> selling government-guaranteed bank debt

  The reports… ~~~~ “Big banks cash in on bonds backed by state The world’s biggest banks have earned more than $900m (£630m) in fees in less than four months by selling government-guaranteed bank debt to investors. JPMorgan earned almost $130m from selling 51 bonds, while Bank of America/Merrill Lynch has netted $105m in […]

On the town

What a rich story of Wall Street municipal underwriting corruption Andrew Ackerman of the Bond Buyer reports…  Mesquite, Texas, a town of 137,000, sent first 11 people to New York to meet with credit rating agencies and was reimbursed by the underwriter… then followed with a trip for 15 people to meet raters about another offering… […]