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Country risk…

From FT Alphaville… ~~~ “Looks like Credit Suisse has jonied the conspiracy trying to undermine Spain. Here’s a ranking of countries by perceived risk, taking into account things like current account balances, public and private debt, and CDS spreads.  It comes from a note on the impact of sovereign risk on European banks, published on Wednesday […]

witness the Romans, who had a constant succession of triumphs while they managed their Government on a certain plan

“It is not chance that rules the world, witness the Romans, who had a constant succession of triumphs while they managed their Government on a certain plan, and an uninterrupted series of reverses when it was conducted on another. There are general causes, either moral or physical, at work in every monarchy, exalting, maintaining or overcoming […]

Upward to insolvency?

Bloomberg reports on the Senate’s failure on it’s first try to address the burgeoning fiscal crisis facing the United States. The Senate voted 53-46 against legislation that would have mandated that Congress adopt recommendations made by a newly created budget panel. This panel could have recommended tax increases, changes in entitlements or other structural changes. First strike for […]

Democrats To Seek Stunning $1.9 Trillion Increase In Debt Ceiling To $14.3 Trillion

From Dow Jones (HT ZeroHedge): ~~~ “Senate Democrats are to seek an increase to the federal government’s borrowing limit by $1.9 trillion lifting the total amount the U.S. government can owe to $14.294 trillion, several congressional aides said Wednesday. The increase is forecast to support the federal government’s borrowing needs the end of 2010, one […]

The heavy roll is coming…

Thanks to ZeroHedge we can see the dispersion of Treasury debt… The front end looks particularly heavy… Here is how ZeroHedge summarizes the conditions we face on the debt front… ~~~ “What emerges is a unique picture of the evolving nature of Treasury debt, its extensive and recent growth and a clear picture of the […]

We’ve stuffed all the problems in the closet…

An unknown Wall Streeter says that Treasury Secretary Geithner and the Obama economic team are the Emperor with no clothes…  if this guy is saying it… everyone is saying it… From Bloomberg… Doug Dachille, chief executive officer of First Principles Capital Management LLC, talks with  Pimm Fox about the U.S. government’s decision to provide additional aid to GMAC […]

They consult with both the U.S. Treasury and the Fed about funding the budget deficit and implementing monetary policy.

A primary dealer is a bank or securities broker-dealer that may trade directly with the Federal Reserve System of the United States (“the Fed”).[1] Such firms are required to make bids or offers when the Fed conducts open market operations, provide information to the Fed’s open market trading desk, and to participate actively in U.S. Treasury […]

Yield curve may steepen “sharply” or it may not…

David Buik, a market analyst at BGC Partners, talks with Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu about the demand for U.S. debt and expectations for the Treasury yield curve. Buik, speaking from London, also discusses the outlook for earnings reports from U.S. retailers. (Source: Bloomberg News / running time 2:30 minutes) As the federal government levers up consumers […]

US fiscal meltdown may raise interest rates

Analysis and discussion with Doug Smith of Standard Chartered Bank. He talks about the flexibility of U.S. economy and the lack of “stress” in the US Treasury’s stress tests. US financial firms have an substantial amount of debt outstanding… and this explains the concern of global investors about the solvency of the US banking system. […]

“move by industrials away from CP/money markets to the term markets”

An interview with Mark Bamford of Barclays Capital with his opinion after corporate bonds outperform stocks and treasuries. (Bloomberg News – running time 3:30 minutes) Money quote…. “there is a move by industrial (issuers) away from the short term funding… CP and money markets…. to the term markets…” There was very large issuance in the […]