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Populism V

From Finextra: ~~~ A group of 48 non-profits are tapping YouTube, Twitter and facebook for a UK campaign to introduce a “Robin Hood tax” on banks that they argue could raise hundreds of billions of pounds a year to fight poverty and climate change. The coalition of charities, aid agencies, green groups and unions is calling […]

Barney Frank, Zhu Min and global hot money flows…

Interesting undercurrents at The Next Global Crisis panel at the World Economic Forum at Davos… Check out the video at 1 hour 10 minutes. You can see the comments of Zhu Min, the deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China (the Federal Reserve of China), as he gives some insight from his part of […]

Regulations should be organized on the premise that credit should be allocated to productive activities

Tax the speculators and create a public bank from Several mintues into the interview Robert Pollin, Professor of Economics and founding Co-Director of the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst says the following … ~~~ “… POLLIN: Well, I think the simplest idea, the simplest principle, is the financial system […]

Memo to the BIS bankers – use the “Tobin tax” as a threat to the megabanks

Well… President Obama tried to lecture the megabankers… and the bankers thought that meeting went really well… just a light tap on the wrist from the President… The Chairman of the US Federal Reserve persists in filling up the punch bowl to keep the economy from cratering. Unfortunately the artificial “liquidity” that Mr. Bernanke has created is being used […]

Global hot money flows…

Taxing the Speculators by Paul Krugman 223. Cate Long Washington, DC November 27th, 2009 2:35 pm Outstanding column Professor Krugman: Taxing securities transaction already happens in the Unites State under SEC Section 31 fees. These fees for stocks and options are overseen by the SEC and administered by the exchanges and FINRA. Taxing options, derivatives […]

Taxing derivatives, excessive leverage, pre-funding risk insurance and a jobs program

The conversations are just starting on Capital Hill to impose a transaction tax on financial securities… Bloomberg reports that Steny Hoyer says it’s “on the table”… and Representatives like John Larson (CT – 1) want to use the tax to help get America restarted… yes… let’s get America restarted… taxing derivatives to create a jobs program […]

Goldman’s kabuki dance and the Tobin tax

How is it that the “smartest guys in the room” are out trumpeting that “inequality helps everyone“? Bloomberg reports that: ~~~ “A Goldman Sachs International adviser defended compensation in the finance industry as his company plans a near-record year for pay, saying the spending will help boost the economy. “We have to tolerate the inequality […]