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Retail transparency

Online help for novice bond investors A Financial Q&A with Steve Dinnen. from the April 2, 2009 edition, Christian Science Monitor Q : I have had trouble finding a user-friendly bond site. I seem to keep getting sites where there are runs of transactions bought and sold in the past 12 hours. But I can’t […]

Tightening the lines…

The financial markets will be remade this year in response to the credit crisis and the Madoff scandal… Every institution will examine their procedures and risk profiles… nothing will be taken for granted… From… ~~~~ “The parent company of Standard & Poor’s intends to keep a closer eye on the doings of its beleaguered […]

Cathedral derivatives

The derivatives news is flowing out… everyone is focused on the problem and pushing solutions… excellent… this monster will likely not be slayed but will suffer severe damage… keep beating friends… “Creditex and Markit today announced the compression of $1.036 trillion in notional value of credit default swap (CDS) transactions since the successful launch of […]

Wanted: Financial markets tutors

Watch CBS Videos Online Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin seemed a little overwhelmed discussing the markets in her interview with Katie Couric… maybe SIFMA should send a backgrounding team… quick…

Tech show…

  Pretty quiet at the SIFMA eTechnology conference today… Many firms who usually are exhibiting aren’t here this year… signs of a credit market infrastructure contraction… vestiges of the old order… no new order yet… The monthly call for the FIX Global Fixed Income Committee was postponed today due to market conditions… The credit winter […]