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it will be very interesting to see how social lending evolves in the future

  From Techcrunch: ~~~~ “P2P money lending service Lending Club has closed a $12 million Series B round with Morgenthaler Ventures as the lead and joined by existing investors Norwest Venture Partners and Canaan Partners. The total capital invested in the company is now $30 million. (It raised $12 million in angel and Series A funding in 2007, and then […]

Scheme a week

The troubles in the financial system are big and complex… as the various public and private parties take their star turn you see a certain frisson pass over their eyes as they are increasingly emboldened to state that “Yes… this will require a trillion dollars of taxpayers funds at least…”. As this or that politician […]

Two traces

FINRA has announced a proposed expansion of the Transaction Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) to incorporate the collection and redistribution of more fixed income pricing. I laud FINRA for this effort but it overlooks a critical piece of price reporting for retail investors… this is the collection and dissemination of prices for trades of US […]

We can watch another industry grow without adequate regulatory oversight

Joe Mason has written a very important piece on mortage servicing … ~~~~ “Servicers create and protect investor value by collecting payments, monitoring delinquencies, and motivating borrowers to pay. Recent vintage residential mortgage-backed securities performance is known to be significantly affected by servicer performance. In rating mortgage-backed securities, ratings agencies give significant consideration to performance variablility […]

Solution – Reversing the problem

Excellent proposals on a way forward for our nation from Jesse’s Cafe…  (read the whole post at Jesse’s site … very good) ~~~~ “Solution – Reversing the problem” We are now trying to nurse our banks back to health by putting them (the insolvent banks) on extremely expensive life support systems. The patient is going to […]

Toxic asset primer

Toxic assets from Marketplace on Vimeo.

Standards are a great thing

 This maybe a little obtuse… but it sums up the financial markets nicely… it’s from the message board of FIX Protocol, the standard for electronic trading of financial securities… it’s a two way comment… and just a little view into how market practices create market structure… and the dedication and cleverness of those who help […]

AAA premiums in the Great Depression

Excellent chart from Jesse ‘s Cafe showing the relative spread for AAA corporates over Treasuries during the Great Depression… it might be interesting to plot equity returns for the same period in the dataset… click on the chart for a larger, more detailed image… thanks Jesse!


There is the potential for the dollars involved in the muniscam to be much bigger than the Madoff ponzi scheme… it’s “estimated that as much as $4 billion a year was vanishing into the system, based on the volume of problems”…. so 15 years of problems could be a $60 billion dollar theft from American municipalities… I hope this […]

End of Wall Street… what happened?