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`Fundamental Questions’ on Derivatives Plan

Hal Scott, a Harvard Law School professor and director of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation, talks with Bloomberg’s Margaret Brennan about Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s plan to overhaul the financial regulatory system. Geithner was on Capitol Hill today to discuss proposals to revamp the way derivatives are regulated. He said the U.S. should require […]

Restoring American Financial Stability – Discussion Draft

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd released his version of legislation to reform the financial system today. Here are the summary and full draft. Dodd bill summary link HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DISCUSSION DRAFT Consumer Financial Protection Agency: Creates an independent watchdog to ensure American consumers get the clear, accurate information they need to shop for […]

CUSIP’s game is done

** FREEDOM FOR FINANCIAL MARKETS ** PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION AND TERMS Public Domain Dedication. Bloomberg Finance L.P., a limited partnership organized and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware with offices at 731 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10022 (“Bloomberg”), hereby dedicates BSYM Identifiers to the public domain and makes BSYM Identifiers […]

I got a head’s up about the new investor initiative launched by the SEC today for retail investors… If I were a teacher I’d hate to do it but I’d have to give it a pretty low grade… for several reasons… 1. The SEC already has a good section within their website to serve retail […]

Enforcing securities laws

Bloomberg has reported: ~~~~ “The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission hired Adam Storch, a 29-year-old former employee in Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s business intelligence unit, as the enforcement division’s first chief operating officer, according to people familiar with the decision. The COO, who started Oct. 13, has “a great deal of background” in technology and managing processes […]

Waiting for the light

The SEC approved additional rules for credit rating agencies yesterday. This follows on numerous rulemakings over the past several years… Kudos to the Commission and staff for their effort to shape rules for this space. Credit rating agencies lie at the nexus of credit markets. Their “opinions” determine pricing and credit availability  for all rated entities. […]

We have entered the early stages of a weak US consumer recovery…liable to more shocks…

Interview with Stephen Roach of Morgan Stanley Asia. He gives his views on the U.S. and Asian economies a year after Lehman’s collapse. (Bloomberg News, running time 7:00 minutes) Mr. Roach notes that “that the shape of the recovery is going to be written by the American consumer and the last time that I looked […]


The SEC and CFTC held a joint meeting today on harmonizing dervicatives regulation between the two agencies. This effort is mandated by Congress and follows on the memorandum of understanding signed last year by the agencies. Very arcane and interesting meeting … the issues covered are the “devils in the details”. It had the feeling […]

transactions in securities as commonly conducted upon securities exchanges and over-the-counter markets are affected with a national public interest

“… transactions in securities as commonly conducted upon securities exchanges and over-the-counter markets are affected with a national public interest which makes it necessary to provide for regulation and control of such transactions and of practices and matters related thereto, including transactions by officers, directors, and principal security holders, to require appropriate reports, to remove […]

Riski time…

I’m spending most of my time working on Riski… so no Shopyielding… Riski is a open source project to draw together many resources which relate to the regulation of financial markets and products. Riski was developed to assist members of Congress and their staffs as they create new law to regulate financial markets. Financial markets […]