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Mad meat… how securitized lending collapsed the financial system

Mad meat! how securitized lending collapsed the financial system View more presentations from catelong.

Capitalism’s scalptakers

I got a call yesterday from the communications director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division. He asked if I would publicize several high level job openings. Here are the positions: Associate Director, Division of Enforcement Chief Counsel, Division of Enforcement Associate Director – Office of Whistleblower Coordinator I’m very happy to do this for several reasons: […]

The Wall Street Reform Bill: Conference Update

A summary of where we are in the legislative reform process of the financial system. [BTW: follow me on Twitter  — cate_long — tweeting on the conference process) From an email announcement from the House Financial Services Committee: The Wall Street Reform Bill: Conference Update Washington –Last week was a successful week for the House […]

Credit ratings agencies are more powerful than regulators – why not harness that?

Tomorrow the House and Senate conference committee is finalizing the language for credit rating agencies. The push and shove is in full flight… Senator Al Franken is promoting his amendment to establish a “ratings board” that will assign a specific rater (Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations [NRSRO]) to rate structured finance deals. If adopted his amendment […]

Summary of amendments to the March Dodd draft

US Senate Financial Reform Managers Amendment Summary, March 23, 2010 View more documents from catelong.

Summary of amendments to the Dodd draft

Amendments to Dodd bill – HT — Shahien at Huffpo

Right on Commissioner Walter

SEC Commissioner Elisse Walter commented on a New York Times blog about the need to harmonize the “fiduciary” obligations of brokers and investment advisors… What a great way for an official charged with protecting investors to address an issue… in the public.. in plain English no less… kudos to Commissioner Walter for her efforts… restoring Americans […]

Casino capitalism has devastating effects on the real economy

From The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation Luis A. Aguilar is a Commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This post is based on Commissioner Aguilar’s remarks at the recent SEC Speaks conference. ~~~ ” … The recent crisis made clear that the financial sector was, and remains, dangerously exposed to […]

The bounds of derivatives regulation

The derivatives legislation adopted by the House of Representatives is a landmark… here is how Barney Franks’ staff describes the legislation: Overview Over-the-counter derivatives legislation for the first time addresses an unregulated part of the financial markets that poses a potential risk to the broader economy. This risk was more than apparent last year when […]

German brilliance in making the law clear…

If we want market participants to follow the law we should expose the rules and law in a way that makes it more accessible…. we can follow the excellent example of the German securities regulator Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) who has an excellent search tool that allows users to… Search supervisory legislation The supervisory legislation search function […]