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Lehman 2.0

The global financial system is a tight web of connections. While the US Congress debates financial reform the Euro system is being shaken down by its weakest member Greece… In the financial crisis of 2007-2009 everyone was taken by surprise by “mortgage repayment” default risk… The assumption had always been that RMBS were sufficiently varied by […]

Trillion dollar primer

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York published a research report in 2008 regarding the securitization process for subprime mortgages… It is these products and the structured products which they formed that constituted the bulk of toxic assets that the upcoming Geithner plan will attempt to move off the balance sheets of the “too big to fail” […]

Estonia plans online “happiness bank”

 From Bobsguide… ~~~~  “With recession biting hard across eastern Europe, citizens in Estonia are turning to a virtual “happiness bank” and forums on governance to find new ways through the gloom. In an interview with French news agency AFP, one of the project’s main organizers – Estonian web entrepreneur Rainer Nolvak – said it aims […]

Regulate the central banks…

Here is a set of policy recommendations for the global financial system that we can get behind… from the comment section of  Floyd Norris’ blog… + + + + +   For the markets to work efficiently, we need the following: 1. Build a Superstructure to oversee all Central Banks… IMF may or may not […]