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Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

* * * A ten page summary of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act * * * The full text of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act * * * Davis Polk interprets the Volcker rule Kudos to House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank on the level of transparency in the legislative process… good show…

Bubble watching and bank supervision

Shahien Nasiripour of Huffington Post wrote a great story today about new language spotted in the FOMC meeting statement… and the pointed use of that language to send a message to the lawmakers who are deciding the new scope of the Fed’s authority… The Federal Reserve is arguing that it must maintain supervisory authority over […]

Spreadsheet of amendments to the Dodd draft


The more transparent a marketplace, the more liquid it is, the more competitive it is

Transparency creates stability in financial markets… this is a foundational precept of our system but is rarely argued… the following is from a speech by CFTC Chairman Gensler to the “Energy Bar Association” on February 24th… ~~~ Transparent Trading Requirement “… It is not enough, though, simply to promote transparency to the regulators. Financial reform […]

witness the Romans, who had a constant succession of triumphs while they managed their Government on a certain plan

“It is not chance that rules the world, witness the Romans, who had a constant succession of triumphs while they managed their Government on a certain plan, and an uninterrupted series of reverses when it was conducted on another. There are general causes, either moral or physical, at work in every monarchy, exalting, maintaining or overcoming […]

Reichbach Says Regulatory Overhaul to Take Several Years: Video

Roosevelt and Obama

From a recently published academic paper: “Populist Retribution and International Competition in Financial Services Regulation” Adam C. Pritchard University of Michigan Law School ~~~ “… The bottom line for Roosevelt was that populist anger against the bankers provided him with the political capital he needed to fundamentally reshape the financial sector in the United States. Roosevelt succeeded […]

House pass H.R. 4173, Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009

Kudos to all in the House who worked so hard on this measure. It marks an important milestone in the real recovery of America… and it’s very nice to see Chairman Frank smiling… Bloomberg reports… ~~~”The U.S. House voted to tighten rules for derivatives and create powers to break apart healthy financial firms that threaten the […]

Restoring American Financial Stability – Discussion Draft

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd released his version of legislation to reform the financial system today. Here are the summary and full draft. Dodd bill summary link HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DISCUSSION DRAFT Consumer Financial Protection Agency: Creates an independent watchdog to ensure American consumers get the clear, accurate information they need to shop for […]

Change we need

From The Hill: ~~~ “Sen. Maria Cantwell said that she’s “not sure” why Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner still has a job as of Monday morning. Cantwell (D-Wash.) ripped into the financial reforms put forth by Geithner and the Obama administration as “appalling” for including alleged loopholes and exemptions for large financial institutions in legislation overhauling […]