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Multiple years of deleveraging from here…

In the bond markets Cantor has always been known as the “outer boro guys”…. never a fancy shop like Goldman or Morgan Stanley… but they were a dominant broker before 9/11 wiped out the majority of their employees… it’s good to see them hunting around for new products to make markets and service customers… In […]

Retail transparency

Online help for novice bond investors A Financial Q&A with Steve Dinnen. from the April 2, 2009 edition, Christian Science Monitor Q : I have had trouble finding a user-friendly bond site. I seem to keep getting sites where there are runs of transactions bought and sold in the past 12 hours. But I can’t […]

Up the scale…

  Bloomberg has quite a long article about the potential effects of the merging of the Moody’s corporate and municipal rating scales… ~~ ” Moody’s Investors Service is about to tell as many as 29,000 U.S. state and local government borrowers that they have higher credit ratings. That doesn’t mean taxpayers will enjoy lower borrowing […]