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Mad meat… how securitized lending collapsed the financial system

Mad meat! how securitized lending collapsed the financial system View more presentations from catelong.

Fails to deliver

Bloomberg’s Brian Luke reports on the outlook for the U.S. mortgage-bond market. (running time = 1:40 minutes) Fails to deliver are a problem that the Fed have not addressed since the giant daisy chain fails problem after 9/11… Primary dealers…  financial market utilities…

The $5.5 trillion can kicked down the road…

Astounding move on the part of the US Treasury to announce these changes to the government sponsored entities on Christmas Eve… unfortunately it echoes all the late Sunday night moves made when Tim Geithner was President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York like the conversion to bank holding companies of Goldman Sachs and […]

Did lobbying contribute to the financial crisis?

This was one of the most practical papers from the IMF conference last week… the researcher dug into the reports that US lobbyists must file with the Senate to map the outcome of mortgage lending issues that financial firms lobbied on. They show that certain firms lobbied to weaken standards and then went on to […]

Praise be to state regulators

It is imperative that state regulators remain unleashed to protect the citizens of their states from predatory behavior of national firms. The New York Times has an excellent article today about the willingness of states Attorney Generals to litigate against the national banks over mortgage fraud. I say “get out the subpoenas boys“… The residents of every state […]