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Mad meat… how securitized lending collapsed the financial system

Mad meat! how securitized lending collapsed the financial system View more presentations from catelong.

Fails to deliver

Bloomberg’s Brian Luke reports on the outlook for the U.S. mortgage-bond market. (running time = 1:40 minutes) Fails to deliver are a problem that the Fed have not addressed since the giant daisy chain fails problem after 9/11… Primary dealers…  financial market utilities…

Conflict supposition

~~~~”McDaniel this month defended the credit raters’ issuer-pay model at an SEC roundtable in Washington, saying that investors can pressure ratings companies just as easily as underwriters….”*~~~~ This will become the central argument in defense of the “issuer pay” model for credit ratings agencies…. The SEC receives information from credit rating agencies as part of […]

Non hedgie shark…

As the financial system deleverages who is buying assets? I think first of the hedge funds who are natural buyers… then there are buyers like Beal Bank…. showing us how capitalism works…note Beal doesn’t seem to be buying either structured products or CDS…  from Forbes… Re-posted from Libertarian Democrat Point Of View by Don ~~~~ The […]

Trading platform transparency

There are many alternative trading systems (ATS) in the fixed income markets… they have slightly different price discovery, quotation and trade reporting structures… think of them as “liquidity pools”… I’ve always thought the important thing for market transparency and fairness is that all investors have access to all bids and offers on an ATS (think of […]