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Rationalizing consumer protection

The Huffington Post has a visual aid, put together by the  Consumer Federation of America,  that shows how a Consumer Financial Products Agency would consolidate the federal laws that relate to retail products… Click on the image for a larger version…

Casino capitalism has devastating effects on the real economy

From The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation Luis A. Aguilar is a Commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This post is based on Commissioner Aguilar’s remarks at the recent SEC Speaks conference. ~~~ ” … The recent crisis made clear that the financial sector was, and remains, dangerously exposed to […]

a condition of the very stability of society that its rules of law and of business practice recognize and protect that ordinary citizen’s dependent position

“If investor confidence is to come back . . . , the law must advance. As a complex society so diffuses and differentiates the financial interests of the ordinary citizen that he has to trust others and cannot personally watch the managers of all his interests as one horse trader watches another, it becomes a […]

I got a head’s up about the new investor initiative launched by the SEC today for retail investors… If I were a teacher I’d hate to do it but I’d have to give it a pretty low grade… for several reasons… 1. The SEC already has a good section within their website to serve retail […]

Richar Thaler on economic behavior

TO BE NOTED: From FT: Nudging the market Video: Richard Thaler on market efficiency Posted by Don at 7:17 AM   Labels: Behavioural Economics, Market Efficiency, Shiller, Thaler ~ +    +    +    +    + ~ The assumption of markets full of participants acting rationally underlies much theory, regulation, legislation and business practices… in this FT interview University of […]