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You want transparency? Tag it…

XBRL for Dummies One of the easist ways to create transparency in financial markets is to break documents or processes into pieces and tag them… this is the approach that FIX, the standard for electronic trading of securities takes and  XBRL does for financial reporting… Some have suggested this approach for asset backed securities… the […]

It’s all electronic…

Electronic Trading Takes Over, Block Trading Dries Up – From Sandler O’Neill Global Exchange & Electronic Trading Conference in New York, NY: Interview with ITG CEO Robert Gasser (Bloomberg News — running time 5:00 minutes) Mr. Gasser says the, “Buyside has been empowered to trade directly into the markets…”… this is a direct result of […]

FIX Protocol announces the release of FIX 5.0 Service Pack 2

April 21st, 2009 – FIX Protocol Ltd (FPL) is proud to announce that the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol Version 5.0 Service Pack 2 is now publicly available for download from the FPL website at     The FIX Protocol was originally developed to facilitate improved communications between buy-side and sell-side market participants, however over recent years significant […]

Hot trade flows

If you are not familiar with the securities markets it might be helpful to watch this 9 minute video about the way securities are traded electronically… the piece describes the FIX Protocol and how it its basic structure works… most every exchange and alternative trading system in the world transmits quotes, orders,  trade data and […]

the butterfly wings of market movement

Spreads have blown out in corporate bond markets… (thanks to EconompicData for the nice graph)… The big bank/broker dealers previously had used their giant balance sheets to dominate trading in these markets… think Citi, Morgan Stanley, Goldman, Merrill… Since the beginning of the Credit Crisis in August 2007 these dealers have had their position as […]

Scheme a week

The troubles in the financial system are big and complex… as the various public and private parties take their star turn you see a certain frisson pass over their eyes as they are increasingly emboldened to state that “Yes… this will require a trillion dollars of taxpayers funds at least…”. As this or that politician […]

Standards are a great thing

 This maybe a little obtuse… but it sums up the financial markets nicely… it’s from the message board of FIX Protocol, the standard for electronic trading of financial securities… it’s a two way comment… and just a little view into how market practices create market structure… and the dedication and cleverness of those who help […]

continue to improve the specification process to ensure that FPL meets its goal of delivering appropriate messaging standard solutions for the rapidly changing financial markets

FIX Protocol Ltd (FPL) is proud to announce that the first draft of the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol version 5.0 Service Pack 2 is now available for public download and comment from the FPL website at FIX 5.0 Service Pack 2 includes 19 Extension Packs, each of which enhances the current functionality delivered […]


The FIX Protocol is the language of global electronic trading and the disintermeditor of sell-side principals and exchanges… it’s adoption and varied applications continues to grow… today’s FIX news shows it strengthening globally… congratulations John… ~~~~ ” FIX Protocol Limited has announced that John Fildes, Managing Director of Instinet Pacific, has been elected as Co-Chair […]

Open engines — FIX

  Passing the open source FIX baton … ~~~~ ” Smart Trade Technologies, the leader in liquidity management systems (LMS) for the financial markets, in association with the QuickFIX/J Team, developers of the 100% open source Java FIX engine, announced today that Steve Bate, an industry open-source software expert who helped develop, maintain, actively support […]