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Summary of amendments to the March Dodd draft

US Senate Financial Reform Managers Amendment Summary, March 23, 2010 View more documents from catelong.

Hard times coming… mark to fiction round 2…

BusinessWeek writes: Why This Real Estate Bust Is Different Unrealistic assumptions, layers of investors, sky-high prices, and possible fraud will make it hard to clean up the mess in commercial real estate “When Goldman Sachs (GS) sold complex bonds backed by the Arizona Grand Resort and other commercial properties in 2006, it suggested the returns […]

Larry Summers and derivatives

A lot of threads related to our financial crisis come together in the form of Larry Summers and derivatives. Actions taken out of a fear of global instability and ignorance of the potency of leveraged bets using derivatives weave through this story. It’s a long list of damage caused by Wall Street banks and derivatives […]

XBRL and credit ratings

XBRL and Credit Ratings View more presentations from catelong. This is a short presentation that I gave at the W3C and XBRL conference at the FDIC… it is very general because I gave it to a mixed audience of technologists and regulators. I’ll be putting up a concept piece done to create semantic mapping for […]

Workshop on Improving Access to Financial Data on the Web

I’m attending and presenting at the: Workshop on Improving Access to Financial Data on the Web 5-6 October 2009 Co-organized by W3C and XBRL International, Inc, and hosted by FDIC, Arlington, Virginia USA See more here…

Reduce “too big to fail”

An important view about the impact of consolidating all bank supervision in a “National Bank Supervisor“. From the opinion piece of FDIC Chair Sheila Bair in the New York Times yesterday… ~~~~”… Concentrating power in a single regulator would inevitably benefit the largest banks and punish community ones. A single regulator’s resources and attention would be […]

Forks in the road…

“You Can’t Rush a Recovery” By Amir Bhide, first printed in the Wall Street Journal, April 9, 2009 Mr. Bhidé is a professor at Columbia Business School and author of “The Venturesome Economy” (Princeton University Press, 2008).” ~~~~”Ad hoc interventions in the financial markets by the executive branch and Federal Reserve that override private renegotiations […]

Best of the bailout

What a thrill to find the website “Subsidy Scope“. One of the developers of the site, Kevin Webb, was sharing his work on a data set of bank TARP recipients on Open Finance Hackers. The group at Subsidy Scope has done an excellent job of trying to expand the understanding of the largest bailout in […]

Needed: $600 billion for the banks

Alan Greenspan discusses the too-big-too-fail banks which still face a gaping hole in their balance sheets. Bank loan loss reserves are typically estimated based on historical data and this economic crisis likely will exceed prior recessions/depressions. Mr. Greesnspan says the banks may need as much as $600 billion more in capital to cover losses what […]

Resolving large banks

An interview with Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama with his analysis and reaction to BofA and Citigroup’s needing more capital. Shelby says Americans must know stress test results. (Bloomberg News — running time ~ 4:25 minutes)  The FDIC as Systemic Resolution Authority Joseph R. Mason  There has been much discussion lately regarding the appropriate source […]