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Incubator markets…

My comment in response to a article about a speech by CFTC Acting Chairman Lukken about reforming the financial markets regulatory structure…  %  %  % Having read Commissioner Lukken’s speech where he calls for the creation of a “systemic risk” regulator I really must object to the heart of his argument… he says… “This new (proposed) structure would […]

Land of the blind…

Hubris unchecked … arrogance unleashed… gross greed. Pirates of profit… from the New York Times article about a German bank on a rapacious route through gullible US municipal “institutional investors”…  ~~~~ ” ….Mr. Bruckermann once told a trade publication that Depfa, unlike German banks, understood how to benefit from the global economy. “With our efforts, […]

Sue baby sue!

Can’t resist riffing off Governor Palin’s flaccid chant… Sue baby sue! I’m talking about Bank of America and every other entity out there that has been trespassed in this credit calamity… pension and mutual funds, hedgies, banks… groups of such… along these lines… from BBG …   ~~~~ “Bank of America Sues Bear Stearns, Cioffi, Tannin […]

Calm, peaceful

Several weeks ago I was sitting in the garden courtyard of my favorite place in Washington, the Freer Gallery of Art.  The fountain splashed noisily in the hushed cloister. It was calm and peaceful there and the credit crisis seemed far away. But outside the marble walls the old order was passing away… waves of violent upheaval were crashing […]