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‘Too big to fail’ is too dumb to keep

An excellent opinion piece by John Kay, an economist, in the Financial Times … he begins by naming the litany of institutions that were brought down in the “Credit Crisis of 2007-2009″… He then describes the difficulty of regulating large, complex institutions with these words… “The variety of institutions is matched by the variety of […]

Heating up…

Seems like it’s “heating up” around financial reform in Washington… and Chicago… Bloomberg News has a discussion with Republican Representative of California Darrell Issa in which he says a House panel wants to know if members of Congress received sweetheart loans from Countrywide. The Oversight Committee also issued a subpoena to Bank of America which […]

Breaking up the banks… Euro style…

Hello Obama administration officials… it can be done… see here… FT Alphaville reports: ~~~”Nips and tucks can only hide so much. News that ING will undergo major reconstructive surgery — amputating its banking arm from its insurance operations — may have been expected, but nonetheless is a major blow to bancassurance as a business model. The Dutch […]

“Money illusion”

Analysis and discussion with Niall Ferguson of Harvard University; Banks still too big to fall and free borrowing helps banks. (Bloomberg News video – running time 8:00) Excellent analysis…

Breaking up the banks

The Guardian reports: ~~~~ “Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, has launched a blistering attack on Britain’s banks, describing the £1tn government support given to them as “breathtaking”. In an outspoken speech last night, in which he made his clearest call yet for the banks to be broken up, King warned that […]