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“Building up another bubble on the bond markets”

“Moral hazard doesn’t exist anymore…”… so sayeth the Euro crowd… President Obama… you’re smart enough to understand “banker code”… call up Adair Turner if you need a decoding kit… This video from Bloomberg shows Karsten Schroeder, chief executive officer of Amplitude Capital LLP, talking about risk-taking by banks and the condition of credit markets.¶ ¶ Central bankers will […]

Rest in peace Mark Pittman

Bloomberg reports the passing of one of America’s most important and influential investigative reporters, Mark Pittman… Mark was the spear point for uncovering the complexities and potential wrongdoings of the financial crisis… Bloomberg quotes another leading financial columnist on Mark’s passing… ~~~~ … “He’s been on this crisis since before the crisis,” said Gretchen Morgenson, the […]

CUSIP’s game is done

** FREEDOM FOR FINANCIAL MARKETS ** PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION AND TERMS Public Domain Dedication. Bloomberg Finance L.P., a limited partnership organized and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware with offices at 731 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10022 (“Bloomberg”), hereby dedicates BSYM Identifiers to the public domain and makes BSYM Identifiers […]

Accessing liquidity neutrally

Bobsguide reports that one of the leading institutional buy side order/portfolio management systems is connecting to Bloomberg for cash bond trading… Bloomberg aggregates multi-dealer offerings and puts spread analytics alongside offering data… there will be a growing appetite for fixed income with the wide spreads available… ~~~ ” Fidessa LatentZero, one of the world’s leading providers […]