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Barney Frank, Zhu Min and global hot money flows…

Interesting undercurrents at The Next Global Crisis panel at the World Economic Forum at Davos… Check out the video at 1 hour 10 minutes. You can see the comments of Zhu Min, the deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China (the Federal Reserve of China), as he gives some insight from his part of […]

Upward to insolvency?

Bloomberg reports on the Senate’s failure on it’s first try to address the burgeoning fiscal crisis facing the United States. The Senate voted 53-46 against legislation that would have mandated that Congress adopt recommendations made by a newly created budget panel. This panel could have recommended tax increases, changes in entitlements or other structural changes. First strike for […]

Bernanke and AIG

Would someone please ask Chairman Bernanke about the remaining $1.6 trillion notional outstanding exposure of AIG and the American taxpayer?

Lucian Bebchuk of Harvard has made the best rebuttal to Chairman Bernanke’s defense of AIG counterparty payments at 100 cents on the dollar… but no one seems to be focused on the remaining CDS exposure of $1.6 trillion that AIG and the US taxpayers have… I think this might be an important point before the […]

Paulson, Bernanke and foreign banks

In this short clip from the Senate Banking Committee hearing of September 23, 2008 Senator Evan Bayh questions Secretary Paulson about why they will support foreign banks. Secretary Paulson says it’s on behalf of American taxpayers and Chairman Bernanke explains that these are efforts to prop up prices in markets. From Bloomberg… ~~~ “… The […]

You have banks “too large to regulate”, “too large to fail” and above the law

C.R. “Rusty” Cloutier, chief executive officer at MidSouth Bank, talks with Bloomberg’s Carol Massar about President Barack Obama’s proposal to limit U.S. banks’ size and trading activities. Cloutier also discusses the outlook for financial regulation. Mr. Cloutier debunks the argument that America needs massive banks to be globally competitive… America is being strangled by its […]

The heavy roll is coming…

Thanks to ZeroHedge we can see the dispersion of Treasury debt… The front end looks particularly heavy… Here is how ZeroHedge summarizes the conditions we face on the debt front… ~~~ “What emerges is a unique picture of the evolving nature of Treasury debt, its extensive and recent growth and a clear picture of the […]

“Building up another bubble on the bond markets”

“Moral hazard doesn’t exist anymore…”… so sayeth the Euro crowd… President Obama… you’re smart enough to understand “banker code”… call up Adair Turner if you need a decoding kit… This video from Bloomberg shows Karsten Schroeder, chief executive officer of Amplitude Capital LLP, talking about risk-taking by banks and the condition of credit markets.¶ ¶ Central bankers will […]

Confirming Ben Bernanke III

The confirmation of Ben Bernanke moved a step forward today….  the vote was 16 – 7 in favor… But an expanding group of Senators is questioning the role of Chairman Bernanke over his role in the bailout of AIG, Goldman Sachs and European banks in September of 2008. In the hearing two camps emerged as Senators […]

Confirming Ben Bernanke II

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