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— Riski —

Riski is a open source project to draw together many resources which relate to the regulation of financial markets by the 111th Congress.

This project was developed as an open platform for legislators, market participants, financial technology experts, regulators, lobbyists, academics and the media to contribute to a body of knowledge about these important topics. We recognize that various parties have points of view which may conflict and believe that exposing information to “sunlight” and public discourse will help bring common interests to the surface.

Hear an interview on Federal News Radio about Riski here

We encourage you to add or edit content on this site if you are knowledgeable.

Please include citations and/or references for all content where possible.

We are utilizing some information from Wikipedia. In addition other source references, market data, and regulatory and legal citations are being added to the site. We thank the various unnamed contributors to Wikipedia for their indirect contribution to this project.

We more especially thank Open Finance Hackers for helping launch and host this project.

Thanks for the notice… AsymptotixFT Alphaville and ZeroHedge….