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Secretary Geithner should resign

I first published this post on November 21, 2009… I believe it is even more the case now. Timothy Geithner serves Wall Street. Our economy and nation will not be repaired until the control of Wall Street over the government, the Federal Reserve and the nation is broken. US Treasury Secretary Geithner should resign from office. […]

This is what reform sounds like… part II

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Thank you  Chairman Gensler for your heavy lifting on derivatives reform. More on derivatives reform at Riski…

This is what reform sounds like…

Elizabeth Warren has done Americans an enormous service in the development of the concept of a “Consumer Financial Protection Agency… and more immediately her leadership of the Congressional Oversight Panel has been very effective in the oversight of the use of the hundreds of billions of TARP dollars… she speaks plainly for the need for […]

A primer on managing interest rate risks for banks

Hard times coming… mark to fiction round 2…

BusinessWeek writes: Why This Real Estate Bust Is Different Unrealistic assumptions, layers of investors, sky-high prices, and possible fraud will make it hard to clean up the mess in commercial real estate “When Goldman Sachs (GS) sold complex bonds backed by the Arizona Grand Resort and other commercial properties in 2006, it suggested the returns […]

Yield curve may steepen “sharply” or it may not…

David Buik, a market analyst at BGC Partners, talks with Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu about the demand for U.S. debt and expectations for the Treasury yield curve. Buik, speaking from London, also discusses the outlook for earnings reports from U.S. retailers. (Source: Bloomberg News / running time 2:30 minutes) As the federal government levers up consumers […]

Balance sheet adjustments

Balance Sheet Adjustment Zhiguo He (University of Chicago), In Gu Khang (Northwestern University) and Arvind Krishnamurthy(Northwestern University and NBER) Discussant: Nicolae Garleanu (University of California, Berkeley, NBER and CEPR) Arvind mentioned that having better data would make this analysis more useful and that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York would have the data from the […]

Measuring more than production

Our political economy is faced with tremendously difficult choices…. overwhelming deficits and federal debt… unsupportable healthcare and entitlement payments coming due… military funding levels that were created when we were “the” economic super power… a crushing load of liabilities is coming due… and it comes due on the back of a seriously compromised financial system […]

CUSIP’s game is done

** FREEDOM FOR FINANCIAL MARKETS ** PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION AND TERMS Public Domain Dedication. Bloomberg Finance L.P., a limited partnership organized and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware with offices at 731 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10022 (“Bloomberg”), hereby dedicates BSYM Identifiers to the public domain and makes BSYM Identifiers […]

Secondary markets for retail…

Explore Bonds wrote an excellent post titled: Where to Buy TIPS On the Secondary Market… this is very useful and practical advice about the mechanics of retail bond purchases… kudos to the blog author for aggregating the information. There is also much to reflect on in this post as it relates to market structure for fixed income securities […]