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Financial reform — sure — repudiate OTC derivatives

Repost from Chris Whalen’s Institutional Risk Analyst: ~~~ “…  Thus we extend and pretend, a policy choice that ensures years of economic stagnation and perhaps even a new financial crisis when non-bank financial institutions start to fail due to ZIRP and the related predations of OTC derivatives. The Fed argues that the large banks cannot be restructured […]

Right on Commissioner Walter

SEC Commissioner Elisse Walter commented on a New York Times blog about the need to harmonize the “fiduciary” obligations of brokers and investment advisors… What a great way for an official charged with protecting investors to address an issue… in the public.. in plain English no less… kudos to Commissioner Walter for her efforts… restoring Americans […]

Populism VII

Repost from the Heritage Foundation blog… imagine… the idea of “servant leadership“… ~~~ Yesterday’s Rasmussen poll reveals what anyone who has been watching the news for the past year already knows — Americans are angry. They are angry at their government and its failures to provide solutions to the current problems. According to today’s poll, […]

Populism VI

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Elizabeth Warren Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis Elizabeth Warren, chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel, explains the kabuki going on in the Senate over financial reform to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show … she says write your […]

Unraveling the profit puzzle at Goldman Sachs I

From PBS’s Lehrer show… ” As part of his continuing series of reports making sense of business and the economy, Paul Solman examines the inner workings of investment powerhouse Goldman Sachs and how it makes money.”

Populism V

From Finextra: ~~~ A group of 48 non-profits are tapping YouTube, Twitter and facebook for a UK campaign to introduce a “Robin Hood tax” on banks that they argue could raise hundreds of billions of pounds a year to fight poverty and climate change. The coalition of charities, aid agencies, green groups and unions is calling […]

Populism III

From the Huffington Post news of 89 year old women tossing her virginity in her fight against the credit lending practices of the card companies…. ~~~ John Clinton Tuttle of Seattle, Wash. is waging guerrilla warfare against high interest rates and other depredations of the credit card industry. He’s literally sticking it to ’em — […]

Banker bonuses? Look across the sea…

From the Daily Telegraph… we get news of a regulator that knows how to rein in behavior it deems risky… ~~~ “Banks told to comply on bonuses or lose UK banking licences in shock FSA ultimatum Investment banks have been told that every bonus issued must comply with the regulatory guidelines – or they face […]

Populism II

Populism I

In the recent debates in Washington the term “Populism” has been derided… Personally I believe it is our only hope for the continuation and success of our nation going forward. Populism is the counterweight to corporatism… and I think the nation has had enough of that… I’ll be writing about it here and there… but […]