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About Shopyield…

Thanks for visiting Shopyield... I'm Cate Long and I write about the retail fixed income markets... My primary interest is creating tools and systems to help retail investors learn how bonds can be an excellent supplement to their other retirement and savings assets. I've worked for a number of years with industry standards organizations, regulators and Congress to help craft a more transparent and fair framework for investors to participate in the fixed income markets. Specific areas of focus include: >> FIX, the standard for the electronic trading of fixed income securities.... You can read the FIX Kit which is a document I created for a seminar at the Bond Market Association (precursor to SIFMA) to educate bond market participants about the standard for electronic trading. You can also buy the FIX Guide at Amazon... this is a more in depth piece to implement FIX for fixed income.

Comments to the SEC on various issues... >> Comments on the regulation of credit rating agencies

2003 .... 2005 .... 2007 .... 2008 A .... 2008 B .... 2009 .... 2011

>> Comments on the bonds platform at the New York Stock Exchange

>> Comments on disclosure for municipal issuers

Comments to Congress on various issues...

Comments to the Securities Subcommittee of the Senate Banking Committee in May, 2008 on the regulation of investment banks

Congressional Whitepaper on credit rating agencies - January 2008

Presentation to re XBRL...

XBRL and credit ratings - October, 2009

Very few investors currently own bonds... but the markets and rules are moving in that direction... and we are working to help push it along... So join in and follow along... we look forward to having you...

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