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Opening muni

Brilliance is so exciting…

Welcome to OpenMuni

By Philip Ashlock

A tool for facilitating collaboration and cataloging case studies, best practices, and standards for open data and open source on the local level.

OpenMuni is a resource to spread knowledge and connect localities to better provide open channels of information to improve quality of life, increase civic engagement, and make local government more effective. The website will be much like an encyclopedia documenting best-practices and open standards for file formats, APIs, open source software, and supporting policies and licenses that are pertinent to the municipal level. Furthermore, there will be case-studies documenting the process of opening-up city agencies and building closer partnerships with their constituents and software developers. Eventually, OpenMuni will also help to facilitate collaborative processes between cities, agencies, and citizens for the development of open standards and open source software.

OpenMuni is a collaboration between many cities and organizations including The Open Planning ProjectCode for America, and CityCamp.

For now you can find and contribute information on the wiki.

Please also sign-up for updates to be notified of the official launch of this project.