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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Our debt mountain

Here is what individuals, corporations, local, state and federal government are faced with… Mountains of debt that accumulated over the years… $50 trillion of combined debt… Particularly the debt of financial companies… from the New York Times’ Floyd Norris… ~~~~”…For most of the last two decades, the biggest increase in debt in America came from financial companies. […]

Senator Reed’s proposed derivatives legislation…

The staff of the Senate Banking Committee was kind enough to send me a copy of Senator Reed’s proposed derivatives legislation. You can read it here… To see more about derivatives legislation see Riski… the open source platform for financial markets regulation.

Houses and factories

As a nation we are facing some very difficult conditions. We have made personal consumption, the financial industry, health care and housing the  engines of our economy. The fuel for this economic activity has been excessive levels of borrowing at the personal, corporate, municipal and federal levels. Our debt levels are staggering. Making all this […]

Waiting for the light

The SEC approved additional rules for credit rating agencies yesterday. This follows on numerous rulemakings over the past several years… Kudos to the Commission and staff for their effort to shape rules for this space. Credit rating agencies lie at the nexus of credit markets. Their “opinions” determine pricing and credit availability  for all rated entities. […]

Predation in the banking space…

And the “too big to fail” banks get bigger… and the instability of our financial system will increase again… Interview and discussion with the Chairman and C.E.O. of KBW, John Duffy giving his thoughts about the economy and the market. Bloomberg News, (running time – 9:20 minutes)

What Wall Street thinks of regulatory reform

(Running time 5:00 minutes)

Riski on Federal News Radio

Many thanks to Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris of Federal News Radio for interviewing me about Riski. It was great to get a chance to talk about the structure and purpose of the project. Listen here:  Riski on Federal News Radio Running time 10:00 minutes President Obama spoke today in New York about reforms to the […]

We have entered the early stages of a weak US consumer recovery…liable to more shocks…

Interview with Stephen Roach of Morgan Stanley Asia. He gives his views on the U.S. and Asian economies a year after Lehman’s collapse. (Bloomberg News, running time 7:00 minutes) Mr. Roach notes that “that the shape of the recovery is going to be written by the American consumer and the last time that I looked […]

Remember those lost on this day

Yesterday, I lay awake in the palm of the night. A soft rain stole in, unhelped by any breeze, And when I saw the silver glaze on the windows, I started with A, with Ackerman, as it happened, Then Baxter and Calabro, Davis and Eberling, names falling into place As droplets fell through the dark. […]