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Hello Congress!

My note to Congressional staff members …



the open source portal for financial markets regulatory information.

The Financial Times wrote about our new project recently and reblogged us saying “Riski – a wiki that aims to draw together as many resources as possible relating to the regulation of financial markets and products … the basic structure of the site is developed now and we are adding content… it’s in the earliest stages of development. The prime purpose of Riski is to help in the upcoming legislative process as Congress remakes the framework for financial markets regulation.”

The Congress and the executive branch have received increasing attention about the way that new law is being developed for financial markets.

Recent press accounts have highlighted the role of the banking and financial services lobbies.

The New York Times on the bankruptcy bill (June 4, 2009)

The Wall Street Journal on mark-to-market accounting changes (June 3, 2009)

Although these lobbies play an important role in providing information to members of Congress the American people must be confident that the new regulatory framework is fair and balanced and doesn’t favor certain interests over others.

This confidence will be instilled in the public if the legislative process is as open and transparent as possible.

As I have met with members of Congress and their staffs over the last few years I have noted the lack of a centralized place to share information about complex legislative issues.

Riski is a central repository for information collected by market participants, financial technology experts, regulators, legislators, academics and the media.

The range of topics covered in Riski are:

Private Banks — Mutual banks Securities — Insurance — Pensions — Monetary systems

If you would like to see additional topics covered please let us know.

I’ll be in Washington Tuesday June 9th through 11th if you would like to learn more about this resource created for you and others in Congress.

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