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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Riski time…

I’m spending most of my time working on Riski… so no Shopyielding… Riski is a open source project to draw together many resources which relate to the regulation of financial markets and products. Riski was developed to assist members of Congress and their staffs as they create new law to regulate financial markets. Financial markets […]

The New Improved 2009 Floaters

So much is made of the special abilities of Wall Street to innovate new ways to flow capital to various entities… But is all innovation good? Or is some of it just new ways for Wall Street underwriters to package securities and make fees? The Wall Street Journal reports today on the New Improved 2009 […]

You want transparency? Tag it…

XBRL for Dummies One of the easist ways to create transparency in financial markets is to break documents or processes into pieces and tag them… this is the approach that FIX, the standard for electronic trading of securities takes and  XBRL does for financial reporting… Some have suggested this approach for asset backed securities… the […]

Too big to fail software

Reblogged from Finextra… Microsoft kills off Money In the face of increasing competition from banks, brokerage firms and dedicated Web sites, Microsoft is scrapping its Money personal finance management software. The firm says it will stop selling the software, which was first introduced in 1991, on 30 June. The move comes after Microsoft stopped selling […]

Emma’s getting stronger…

MSRB NOTICE 2009-31 (JUNE 10, 2009) MSRB RECEIVES APPROVAL TO ACCEPT FILINGS OF  VOLUNTARY CONTINUING DISCLOSURES TO THE MSRB’S ELECTRONIC MUNICIPAL MARKET ACCESS (EMMA) SYSTEM On June 3, 2009, the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (the “MSRB”) received approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”) for the Electronic Municipal Market Access system (“EMMA”) to […]

Regulating credit default swaps

Regulating Credit Default Swaps Preview For Press I’ll be blogging the PRMIA event on the regulation of credit default swaps… here is an excellent presentation from the moderator of the event, Gary Kopff… The panel includes Joseph Mason from Louisiana State University, Ann Rutledge from RR Consulting, Tim Ryan of SIFMA, Michael Greenberger from University […]

Desperate kingdom of liquidity

Morgan Stanley has launched a new single dealer, over the counter platform for institutional users… Morgan Stanley Matrix. Matrix is an elegant system and looks like it is designed to compete in certain product classes against Barclay’s Barx… and multi-dealer platforms like Tradeweb for interest rate swaps… or RFQ-hub for more exotic products… Users can […]

Regulating derivatives

I attended the House Committee on Financial Services Capital Markets Subcommittee hearing today… the topic was the oversight of derivatives… lots of discussion about the failure of AIG and what happened there too… It is more clear to me than before that legislators need systems to share information to effectively  legislate regulation for financial markets … yes […]

Vigilante silencioso

From Chicago Public Radio… This American Life… ~~~~ Since Congress hasn’t held 1930’s-style hearings into the causes of the financial crisis, we stage one of our own.  The subject? The regulators and watchdogs who were supposed to be overseeing the banks and the finance industry—to make sure things wouldn’t blow up like they have.  Clearly […]

Hello Congress!

My note to Congressional staff members … Meet Riski the open source portal for financial markets regulatory information. The Financial Times wrote about our new project recently and reblogged us saying “Riski – a wiki that aims to draw together as many resources as possible relating to the regulation of financial markets and products … the […]