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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Complex regulations or simple banks

As we restructure oversight of the financial system it’s important to think about the motivations of institutions… and ask if stability can be achieved by concentrating enormous power in the hands of a “systemic regulator”? Or is stability achieved by simplifying the mandate of the institutions in our system? Would returning to something along the […]

Join us in bringing transparency to financial markets regulation

   I’ve been working with an open source group recently…… the group has several ongoing projects but I’ve been concentrating on the development of a central repository for information related to financial markets regulation. It’s a wiki called: Riski  We have the basic structure of the site developed now and we are adding content… […]

Who did it? Markets or Government?

Reblogged from Mostly Economics by Amol Agrawal ~~~~ “John Taylor has been criticising Fed since the crisis began(see this for a review). In another paper he criticised the US govt for overestimating the fiscal multiplier. Taylor in a recent speech (at FRB Atlanta Conference)  takes a critical overview of the entire govt policies in this crisis. He says: Proposals for the future role of government […]

Needed: $600 billion for the banks

Alan Greenspan discusses the too-big-too-fail banks which still face a gaping hole in their balance sheets. Bank loan loss reserves are typically estimated based on historical data and this economic crisis likely will exceed prior recessions/depressions. Mr. Greesnspan says the banks may need as much as $600 billion more in capital to cover losses what […]

The silent CDS wreckage

The aftermath of the Credit Panic of 2007-2009 includes the destruction of large swaths of the global financial system. Good riddance to excessive leverage, the structured finance market and the shadow banking system… you brought us nothing and left us with an expensive pile of too-big-too-fail wreckage… A war to establish the contours of the […]

1, 2, 3, 4 causes

Former US Senator Bill Bradley identifies the four causes of the financial crisis from the perspective of the law… and laid out this simply you realize it won’t be that hard to repair the damage and return our nation to some rationality in the regulation of financial institutions and markets. Reblogged from Washington’s Blog…, summarized […]

Government data is at your fingertips

  From Flowing Data… ~~~~ “Big news. is now live. Government data is at your fingertips. The purpose of is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. Although the initial launch of provides a limited portion of the rich variety of Federal […]

“Why public private plan has bankers squirming”

 Reblogged from the libertarian democrat.  Money quote at the very end of the article… “the urgent pressure to sell assets is receding as banks raise capital” TO BE NOTED: From The FT: ~~~~ “Why public private plan has bankers squirming”  By Gillian Tett Published: May 21 2009 20:04 | Last updated: May 21 2009 20:04 Cometh […]

US fiscal meltdown may raise interest rates

Analysis and discussion with Doug Smith of Standard Chartered Bank. He talks about the flexibility of U.S. economy and the lack of “stress” in the US Treasury’s stress tests. US financial firms have an substantial amount of debt outstanding… and this explains the concern of global investors about the solvency of the US banking system. […]

Framing the issues

  Professor George Lakoff writes… ~~~~ ““Because the “free market” doesn’t exist. There is no such thing. All markets are constructed. Think of the stock exchange. It has rules. The WTO [World Trade Organization] has 900 pages of regulations. The bond market has all kinds of regulations and commissions to make sure those regulations carried […]