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Monthly Archives: December 2008

FINRA fixed income

FINRA Fixed Income Conference March 5, 2009 New York, NY FINRA’s annual Fixed Income Conference focuses on current market impacts on fixed income and how regulators and firms are responding to them. Sessions cover recent transparency initiatives, other regulatory initiatives, compliance practices in today’s market environment, considerations for operational and risk management, and recent examination findings. […]

What is the place of B-schools in all of this?

 “The Scapegoat”, William Holman Hunt   The following is from the blog of Robert Bruner, the Dean of the Darden School of Business… nice to see academics suggest that schools can raise the standards bar for business people… everyone needs to help raise the bar on fraud and greed… too prevalent ….  ~~~~ ” … Every financial […]

The view from Nihonbashi…

Imagine that you are sitting in your office at the Bank of Japan building in Nihonbashi, Tokyo … you’re clicking through the news stories on your Bloomberg terminal and you come across the following about American consumers:  ~~~~ ” ….Retailers, which started offering discounts of 50 percent or more weeks ago, had been counting on post – Christmas sales to […]

Hitachi XBRL

Excellent post about the recent SEC approval of XBRL at the Hitachi XBRL Business Unit blog… Written by Bob Schneider     Posted on December 24, 2008 “I think this decision today is much bigger than most people realise” wrote John Turner on CoreFiling’s Insight blog.  Many reveled with Gary Purnhagen (“We will all be better for […]

Best wishes of the season…

Central platform

Excellent progress today on CDS… in a roundabout way the SEC has exempted the DTCC owned LCH.Clearnet to clear credit default swaps in a central counterparty platform… a central place for trades to come together… it’s a very important beginning for this wholly unregulated product class… ~~~~ ” …. Today’s announcement is an important step […]

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.

Wikipedia is one of my favorite developments of the internet age… please consider learning more about them in the holidays… a very worthy organization… +++    +++     +++ An appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales  Dear Reader, Today I am going to ask you to support Wikipedia with a donation. This might sound unusual: Why does […]

Open engines –

Since 1934, the SEC has required disclosure in forms and documents. In 1984, EDGAR began collecting electronic documents to help investors get information. The SEC’s new system, IDEA, requires data disclosure – the next step to improve how investors find and use information. You can search information collected by the SEC several ways: Interactive Data […]


The Real National Debt Per most recent available data. Total Federal Burden $56,400,000,000,000 Your Share $184,000 What Can You Do? » Learn More » From the Peter Peterson Foundation

Fox joins Bloomberg

From Fox News does a Bloomberg Posted by Tracy Alloway on Dec 19 10:04. Well, we at FT Alphaville never thought we’d see a conservative news organisation going after a Republican-controlled institution, but here it is. Fox Business Network is pulling a Bloomberg and sueing the US Treasury for info on its use of […]