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Googley waters…

Update at 11:30 >> do check out the homepage of the the New York TImes… astoundingly great collection of election data beautifully visualized…

I would be perfectly happy if the whole web looked like Google (or Shopyield)… a white page with miminal but useful data… well organized and visualized… I’d be happy to be the Potentate of Pretty… the Keeper of the Kool… 

OK… in line with my desire for a clean white web Flowing Data pointed to an announcement about Google opening up their visualization API … geek delight times ten… from the Google blog post

~~~~ More and more companies are storing data in the cloud, and as this data grows, so does the need for reporting tools to make sense of this information.

To address these growing needs, earlier this year we introduced the Google Visualization API, a powerful API that enables anyone to build apps on top of Google Spreadsheets.

Companies can create and use reporting applications from the Google Visualization Gadget Gallery that can be integrated anywhere on the web, displaying data from a Google Spreadsheet.

Today, we are expanding the capabilities of the Google Visualization API by enabling developers to display data from any data source connected to the web (any database, Excel spreadsheet, etc.), not just from Google Spreadsheets.

From pivot tables and heat graphs to motion charts and timelines, the Google Visualization Gallery holds a growing set of 40+ visualizations that appeal to a multitude of businesses….” ~~~~

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